Hi, I’m Kimia a
Product Designer

"Breathing life into ideas with a blend of design, function, and a boundless creative spirit”

kimia ashrafi

Milestones of My Career

2018 - Business Foundations:

Earned my Bachelor's in Business Management and embarked on my career at an international luxury wedding dress shop, setting the stage for blending elegance with enterprise.

2020 - Digital Pivot:

When COVID-19 challenged the survival of our business, I spearheaded our online media management, learning to navigate and enhance our digital presence.

2022 - Advancing Skills:

Achieved my MBA and pursued a New Media Design program at BCIT, Canada, to deepen my expertise in media design and web development.

2023 - A New Chapter:

Relocated to Canada to start my New Media Design program, a journey that crystallized my passion for product design and marked the beginning of my focused path in UX/UI.







After Effect

Premiere Pro


My Mission and Vision


"To harness my eclectic blend of creative and technical skills to solve problems, create meaningful designs, and bring unique perspectives to the world of digital experiences. I am dedicated to continuously learning and applying my diverse skill set to innovate and improve user interactions, ensuring each project not only meets but exceeds expectations."


"My vision is to be at the forefront of UX/UI design, where my passion for art, technology, and problem-solving converge to create digital solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functionally transformative. I aim to push the boundaries of what is possible, making every interaction an opportunity for discovery and delight, while fostering a deeper connection between users and technology."


I aspire to continuously evolve within UX/UI design, embracing each project as a chance to expand my expertise and make a meaningful impact through intuitive and engaging digital experiences. By leading and collaborating with diverse teams, I aim to challenge the status quo and solve complex design challenges, enriching users' lives and pushing the boundaries of creativity.