Kourosh Ashrafi

A comprehensive website for a university professor and costume consultant to facilitate the sharing of academic materials and promote consultancy services.

Challenges & Objectives


  • Create a user-friendly platform for the professor to share educational content with students.
  • Design an engaging online presence to attract and inform potential consultancy clients.


  • Implementing a bilingual site in English and Farsi, accommodating right-to-left text for Farsi.
  • Collaboration between two developers to ensure a cohesive design and seamless code integration.
  • Adhering to a strict project timeline while maintaining high-quality deliverables. Process & Strategy

Process & Strategy

1.Research & Planning

  • Conducted market research on similar academic and consultancy websites. Developed an initial site map and user flow to outline how users would navigate the site and access documents.

2.Design Phase:

  • Created low-fidelity wireframes to establish the basic layout and user interface.
  • Developed a brand guide to ensure consistent visual styling across the website.
  • Produced medium-fidelity wireframes, integrating the brand style to finalize the website's look and feel.

3.Development Phase:

Built the website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and select plugins, focusing on bilingual support and responsive design. Solutions & Features

  • Bilingual Support: Implemented a dual-language interface with seamless switching between English and Farsi, accommodating the right-to-left script.
  • Collaborative Development: Established a collaborative workflow with another developer, ensuring consistency in design and functionality across all six pages of the website.
  • Resource Library: Integrated a user-friendly document management system for easy uploading, categorizing, and downloading of academic materials.

Learnings & Reflections:

  • Cross-Cultural Design: Gained valuable insights into creating bilingual and bicultural websites, emphasizing the need for adaptable UI/UX strategies.
  • Developer Collaboration: Learned the significance of clear communication and shared standards in collaborative coding projects.
  • Time Management: The project underscored the challenges of delivering high-quality work within a tight timeframe, emphasizing the need for efficient project management.

Results & Impact

The website successfully met the client's needs, offering a robust platform for academic sharing and professional promotion. The project highlighted the importance of cross-cultural design considerations and effective developer collaboration.

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