This UX/UI project focused on creating a visually compelling and user-friendly prototype for a jewelry website, incorporating extensive user research and brand development from the outset. Through iterative design phases, from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes in Figma, and subsequent user testing with Maze, the project emphasized the importance of user feedback and brand consistency in crafting an engaging online experience.

Challenges & Objectives


  • Develop a user-friendly and visually appealing online platform for showcasing and selling jewelry.
  • Create a comprehensive brand design that aligns with the target demographics and user personas identified through research.


  • Designing an interface that caters to a diverse user base with varying preferences and needs related to jewelry.
  • Integrating high fidelity prototypes into a seamless user experience while ensuring the website's performance and responsiveness.
  • Conducting effective prototype testing and incorporating feedback within the project timeline.

Process & Strategy

1.Research & Planning

  • Conducted thorough market research to understand the competitive landscape and identify target demographics.
  • Developed user personas to guide the design process and ensure the website meets the needs of its intended users.
  • Created an initial site map and user flow to outline navigation paths and key interactions on the website.

2.Design Phase:

  • Established a brand guide that encompasses colors, typography, and imagery to ensure consistency across all design elements.
  • Produced low-fidelity wireframes to sketch out the basic layout and structure of the website.
  • Upgraded to medium-fidelity wireframes, incorporating brand styling, to refine the website’s visual appeal and user experience.
  • Transitioned to high-fidelity prototypes using Figma, focusing on detailed design elements and interactions.

3.Prototype Testing & Refinement:

  • Conducted prototype testing with Maze to gather user feedback on usability and overall experience.
  • Analyzed test results to identify areas for improvement and implemented changes to enhance the prototype.

Learnings & Reflections:

  • User Research and Personas: Gained insights into the critical role of user research in informing design decisions and creating engaging user experiences.
  • Prototype Testing: Learned the value of iterative testing and feedback in refining and validating design concepts.
  • Brand Consistency: Emphasized the importance of a unified brand design in establishing a cohesive and recognizable online presence.

Results & Impact

The jewelry website prototype successfully addressed the project objectives, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly platform tailored to the target audience. The process highlighted the importance of thorough research, brand consistency, and responsive design in creating effective UX/UI solutions.

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